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This tune comes from John Zorn’s third book of Masada tunes, called The Book Ber’ah - a series of 92 tunes composed after 2005 that are titled after Kabbalistic themes. The title “RE’CHA” (רֵיחַ) is Hebrew for “fragrence.”

How sweet is your love, my sister, my bride!
    How much better is your love than wine
   and the fragrance of your oils than any spice!

- Song of Songs 4:10

In Kabballah, the similarity between the word RE‘CHA and the word for “spirit” (RUACH) takes on an important significance. The official recording of this tune is by The Gnostic Trio on the album NETZACH. They are Bill Frisell on electric guitar, Carol Emanuel on harp, and Kenny Wollesen on vibraphone, an ethereal, almost celestial ensemble. Their performance truly represents the “music of the speheres.”

As for the Golems, we informally translated the Hebrew RE’CHA as “stink.” With a Bo Diddley beat and a guitar tremolo haze, our version brings the tune down a few echelons.

Our recording also represents (to the best of our knowledge) the first “civilian” arrangement of a Book Beri’ah composition.