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We call ourselves a surf band, but this one is less about riding the waves and more about being out in the sun too long. A sort of “dehydration hallucination” if you will.

Two “official” recordings of PASCHAR exist. One is from the album MALPHAS (2006), performed by Mark Feldman on violin and Sylvie Courvoisier on piano. Another recording appears on the album GOMORY (2015) by the four-woman acappella group Mycale, with Portuguese lyrics written by Sara Serpa.

One official recording of TZOFEH exists, from the very first Masada album ALEF, released in 1994.

According to Sefer Raziel HaMalakh, Paschar is one of the 7 exalted throne angels "which execute the commands of the potentates." And "tzofeh" (Hebrew: צופה) means "to forsee" in Hebrew.

The PASCHAR portion of this piece also contains a recitation of André Breton’s poem "Less Time."

Harvey Gold - guitar, keyboards
Matt Reese - cello
Mark Allender - bass, voice
Bob Ethington - drums, percussion
released 20 February 2022
recorded 6 Oct 2021, 23 Jan and 06 Feb 2022 at Sta-Level, Fairlawn OH
keyboards and atmospheric guitars recorded at Casa de Oro
narration recorded at Chez Allender
engineered by Jeff Koval
artwork by Mark Allender
composed by John Zorn
produced and arranged by The Golems
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