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For the last few tunes, we were in danger of losing our surf license, deviating from and experimenting with the classic surf conventions. Here's where we renew it for a full cycle. Just in time for summer, we break out with that song of the summer you never knew you needed.

This tune appeared on the Bar Kokhba album Lucifer (2007). The score for this tune opens with a taqsim, an exploratory improv that can open a performance of traditional Arabic or Middle Eastern music.

According to The Book of Protection, Mehalalel is "an angel invoked in Syriac spellbinding charms."
released 20 May 2022
Harvey Gold - guitar, keyboards, handclaps
Matt Reese - cello, handclaps, detaché
Mark Allender - bass, handclaps
Bob Ethington - drums, percussion, handclaps
recorded 13 & 27 Mar 2022 at Sta-Level, Fairlawn OH
engineered by Jeff Koval
artwork by Mark Allender
composed by John Zorn
produced and arranged by The Golems
kickass video created by Dolli Quattrocchi Gold
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